Key Show

Key Show is a Aparat Channel about Internet businesses. Key Show third part is about Zarinpal. I’m in this episode and talk about Zarinpal and recent adventures that’s mean the payment gateway filtering.

Part three is contains untold and herds of Amiri brothers, founders of Zarinpal about the payment gateway filtering a day before Zarinpal filtering. A decision that many online businesses products and services caused problems.

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Happy Norouz

Almost 3 or 4 years ago I wrote a blog post with this title “Norouz with Law flavor” and now in 1394 (2016) I wrote an email with this title: Norouz with ZarinPal flavor!

This year, with all the good Stories and bad, ended for me with a good story 🙂 I joined ZarinPal team.

I joined ZarinPal team as a copywriter. Who is the copywriter? A person who writes the text of advertisements or publicity material. That’s why I wrote that email with this title “Norouz with ZarinPal flavor” for ZarinPal. Continue reading

Best website by People Vote in the Section English Language in the 8th Iran Web Festival

This year, Iran Web Festival have part as the best site for the English language. I attended in this section alongside 14 other website. With a look at 14 other websites in this category I thought in this group nominated by Festival Jury but this did not happen 🙁

But by people vote my blog was named Best website in the Section English Language in the 8th Iran Web Festival 🙂

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Learn English with TED Talks

For a long time I want to learn English language, in fact it would strengthen but the lack of correct procedure, I was never successful in this issue.

Usually people go the language school to learn English but I do not have time to go to language school, for this reason I wanted to learn the English language with other methods.

I tried several methods but I was not successful, until I saw new and attractive method in a blog. Now I want to introduce you this blog so maybe this blog way to learn English also be attractive for you and to help you to learn English. Continue reading

About the Blog Theme

At the outset I say that I’m not a web designer but In this regard I know things because I’m interested in Web Design.

This blog template is made by myself, this means that I’ve changed a pre-designed blog template based on my style.

I have gotten my own style of design Arash’s blog, I think he is one of the best people I’ve ever seen. He always introduces himself like this: I’m Arash Milani, hacker & happiness ninja. Continue reading