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  • The experience of a very amateur runner

    It’s been several years since I made the decision to bid farewell to my excess body fat. My journey towards a more active lifestyle began during those days. Prior to that, the thought of being physically active didn’t interest me much. Simply walking to the subway or bus station and occasionally taking a taxi sufficed. Fast forward more than a…

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The experience of a very amateur runner
  • The suffering of the era

    Suffering is an undeniable facet of life, with its magnitude and significance varying from person to person based on their unique experiences and coping mechanisms. How individuals confront suffering also diverges greatly. Take Mrs. Megan Devine, for example, who endures immense agony when witnessing her husband drown before her eyes. Prior to this harrowing experience, […]

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  • Public relations tree; My structure of public relations

    Whenever I encounter the question of what public relations entails, I find myself lacking a clear framework to explain its essence. I will attempt to articulate my understanding of public relations by sharing the definition that comes closest to my mind and then elaborate on various aspects within the realm of public relations. Communications; The […]

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  • Long live the blog

    Several weeks ago, precisely on Wednesday, the 16th of Shahrivar, also known as the month of the queen, my thoughts had been fixated on a specific date. I eagerly awaited the clock to strike 9:30 PM on that Wednesday evening, marking the start of Apple’s iPhone 14 event. The date of September 16 was plastered […]

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  • For the beginning of 30 years

    I was leafing through a notebook that served as my sanctuary last year. Within its pages, I wrote freely, unburdened by the fear of exposing my innermost secrets. We all share this tendency, concealing our true selves in the posts we share with the world. The real ‘us’ is reserved for the solitude of our […]

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  • Key Show

    Key Show is an Aparat Channel about Internet businesses. Key Show’s third part is about Zarinpal. I’m in this episode and talk about Zarinpal and recent adventures that’s mean payment gateway filtering. Part three contains untold and herds of Amiri brothers, founders of Zarinpal about the payment gateway filtering a day before Zarinpal filtering. A […]

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