A Dream Night in Milad Tower Revolving Restaurant

I think experiencing something once and despite the high cost is worthwhile. Like going to the Milad Tower Revolving Restaurant that which is one of the most luxurious Tehran restaurants it’s time to celebrate my wife’s birthday. I must say it was a wonderful experience, a dream and memorable evening. Perhaps at first glance this… Continue reading A Dream Night in Milad Tower Revolving Restaurant


“Afsar” name the song from my favorite singer Mohsen Chavoshi that released yesterday. This song is for the Shahrzad series. This song is so beautiful that I have dedicated a post to my blog about this song and its singer. I really love Mohsen Chavoshi, because he is a true artist. At first lyrics of… Continue reading Tether

I Love These Blogs

I love reading the various blogs. Personal blogs, Technology blogs, Educational blogs and etc. In this post I want to introduce blogs that I read them every day so maybe you become to readers of this blogs. Enjoy blogging: This blog and its author Mr. Mirzaei about blogging teach that I am his disciple. I… Continue reading I Love These Blogs

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My Favorite three Books

Unfortunately, I have not read the books now, Maybe 10 or 15 books, Apart from educational books that they are too high. But the three books that I really enjoyed reading and I am going to introduce them as you read these books, like me, enjoy. Certainly, I introduced the first book, a book of… Continue reading My Favorite three Books

Good Movies of 2015

In 2015, we saw a good movie, I’ve seen some of them also now, Such as: Mad Max: Fury Road, Southpaw, Straight Outta Compton, Spectre, Legend and etc. among them, I think Mad Max: Fury Road and Southpaw are good. But there are films that I want to see and I’m sure the best of… Continue reading Good Movies of 2015

Blog and Nothing else

I think that social networks today are more successful and more popular than blogs, but I must say that I am part of those people who always love Blogs. Almost since 2007, I met with blogs and blogging, for me it was awesome. I started blogging now. I have too many blogs, blogs about music,… Continue reading Blog and Nothing else

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