Learn English with TED Talks

For a long time I want to learn English language, in fact it would strengthen but the lack of correct procedure, I was never successful in this issue.

Usually people go the language school to learn English but I do not have time to go to language school, for this reason I wanted to learn the English language with other methods.

I tried several methods but I was not successful, until I saw new and attractive method in a blog. Now I want to introduce you this blog so maybe this blog way to learn English also be attractive for you and to help you to learn English. I’ve found this blog through this Tweet:


I appreciate from Bayan company for introduce this good blog in twitter.

This blog will offer you to learn English use of the TED Talks but with the correct method.

This blog is: http://tedtalks.blog.ir

I hope this blog will be useful to you :)

4 thoughts on “Learn English with TED Talks

  1. We Have Idea Uintil Idea, You Have two choice :
    When You Have Idea You can siting and think.
    when you have half of idea you can going and do then and you can complite your idea; you have two think to do, you chose your ..? 😀
    have good time.

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