Shahrzad vs Kimia

Nowadays I am watching two Iranian serials called Shahrzad and Kimia. Both series about a girl who tells his story.

Television series Kimia is about a girl of the same name who with his family shows Stories and Events 1978 to 2008 Iran. This Television series is the longest Iranian series.

But Shahrzad series the story of a girl named Shahrzad that will have to be separated from his love and someone else marry. Serial story occurs in old Tehran and romantic narrative of this time. Continue reading

Applications that I Use

In this post I want to introduce applications that I use in my phone.

Here: This is a Maps and navigation Applications. I am using very much of this App. Before this I used Google Maps, but now I prefer this application to Google Maps. This is a free Application made by Nokia.

Twitter: I think this app does not need to introduce 🙂

Telegram: A good Application for a good connection with facilities and high speed. Continue reading

Blog and Nothing else

I think that social networks today are more successful and more popular than blogs, but I must say that I am part of those people who always love Blog.

Almost since 2007 I met with blogs and blogging, for me it was awesome. I started blogging to now. I have too many blogs, blog about music, Legal blog and now Personal Blog. Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!