I Love These Blogs

I love reading the various blogs. Personal blogs, Technology blogs, Educational blogs and etc. In this post I want to introduce blogs that I read them every day so maybe you become to readers of this blogs.

Enjoy blogging: This blog and its author Mr. Mirzaei about blogging teach that I am his disciple. I recommend reading this blog to all bloggers.

Bright Side: Always See the Bright Side Of Life. I think that’s enough to read this blog.

I love Behrad posts, He is excellent in the field of blogging and content creation.

I think read this blog for every blogger It is essential.

I would like to introduce a young blogger named Arash DamanAfshan. I hope he will always be successful.

This post will be updated.


  1. Hi Mohamad, Thank you So much For introduce Me to Your Blog Reader !
    Mohamad Is My Helper in All Time I need His… !
    And Congratulations to Bloging English And I Like To Read An English Blog Special My Friends Blog Wirh English Lang
    Have Good Time With Your Family Mohamad 🙂

    1. Hi dear Arash, Thank you for your kindly comments. I am very happy that you always read my writings, English or Persian. You’re always kindness to me. You are my good friend. Good luck 🙂

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