Long live the blog

Several weeks ago, precisely on Wednesday, the 16th of Shahrivar, also known as the month of the queen, my thoughts had been fixated on a specific date. I eagerly awaited the clock to strike 9:30 PM on that Wednesday evening, marking the start of Apple’s iPhone 14 event. The date of September 16 was plastered everywhere – from the posters advertising live coverage of the event in the media to the text of technology news articles. Even my Google Calendar, the hub for my daily meetings and appointments, displayed the date prominently.

All was proceeding as expected until the following day, on September 16th. As I checked my Twitter feed on my laptop, I stumbled upon a tweet from my dear friend Salman Jariri, which he had shared years ago. The tweet bore the poignant caption, “Content is my heritage,” and was posted in celebration of Farsi Blogistan Day, accompanied by the hashtag he had coined.

In that instant, I felt like the protagonist in a movie, frozen in time and motionless. The notification of Salman Jariri’s like had me momentarily paralyzed. It was as if the world had crumbled around me, and I had committed the most unforgivable of errors by forgetting this crucial day.

It was surreal; the mere sight of these likes on tweets conjured a somber and painful mental image of the moments when Salman Jariri had first engaged with those posts. On this special day dedicated to blogging, as the originator of this revolutionary trend in Iran, I searched Twitter for mentions of the word ‘blog,’ eager to find out if this day was still remembered and cherished. I yearned to engage with the thoughts and memories shared in the distant past.

Despite the lightning-fast pace of technological advancements, the proliferation of vibrant social and communication networks, the allure of video and image content, and the enchantment of streaming platforms, the act of blogging still fills me with excitement. It allows me to revisit the early days of Farsi blogging when every post was an adventure.

In a world where many opt for high-speed trains hurtling toward uncertain but enticing destinations, I find myself on a slower, diesel-powered locomotive, journeying from one destination to another. I embrace this slower pace, enabling me to savor the frenetic whirlwind of life, absorbing the world around me.

For me and for all those who share my passion, the term “Long live the blog” is not just a simple, symbolic expression. It encapsulates the essence of life itself. So, on this special day, I wish a joyful Persian Blogistan Day to all, celebrated every year on the 16th of September.

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